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Retire Hoppy

Jan 8, 2021

The Retire Hoppy podcast will no longer be available as of January 31, 2021

Nov 7, 2019

Eight short interviews with financial bloggers, podcasters and consultants. They were conducted in September at the 2019 Finance Content Expo.

Oct 20, 2019

Our guests are Doc G and Paul Thompson from the What's Up Next podcast. Our topic is: Can Anyone Achieve Financial Independence

Sep 17, 2019

We are introducing a new podcast called FIREwalkers in lieu of doing season 3 of Retire Hoppy. This episode features an introduction and a NE style IPA called Urban Art.

Aug 21, 2019

Today one of Roy’s long-time friends is in the studio with us. Jake talks about how he’s preparing to retire in the next couple of years and how he envisions what his retirement will be like

In our beer segment, I’m delighted that Jake has brought one of my favorite Arizona beers – Tower Station IPA from Mother...