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Retire Hoppy

Dec 13, 2018

Work is not only a means of income. It’s also a major source of personal identity. Not surprisingly, many struggle with discontentment after they retire. What are we to do―individually and as a culture―when work and life experience make conventional retirement a burden rather than a reprieve? To find out we turn to U of Toronto assistant professor Michelle Pannor Silver who examines how we confront the mismatch between idealized and actual retirement in her book Retirement and Its Discontents.

Then, Michelle, a self-admitted non-beer drinker, throws caution to the wind and joins us in our beer segment. We taste her beer choice Molson Canadian which honors our neighbors to the north and reminds me of my days growing up in WNY.

From K 9 studios in Phoenix AZ welcome to the RH podcast with Ted Carr and Roy Weinberg.